Code once, deploy everywhere...

Our digital environment offers a rich variety of devices on which to show our messages and content.

The risk is that in order to deliver to Android, Apple, congress stand, website, rep detailing solution we end up creating multiple versions of our content (website, app, interactive) to meet the needs of each platform. This is both expensive as it involves duplicating the development, but also carries a high cost for any future development - every change needs to be made on each codebase for each platform.

But there is another way.

HTML5 (the most recent version of the language in which web content is written) includes the ability to make a webpage act like a native app. Add to this some PH Digital javascript genius and we can create a single codebase that is able to adapt to multiple device platforms in the same way that a website can adapt to different display sizes for desktop and mobile.

Then all that is needed to distribute the same app to for example the Apple app store and the Google Play store is a simple native wrapper. These are simple to create and wrap round the common code core to provide a true native app experience.

This approach was used on a recent educational platform game project and allowed us to deliver the same game to both the Apple app store and Google play, with the same code used in each, only the wrapper was different.

We have also used this approach in developing for congress stand interactives, allowing the content to be shown in a kiosk-mode browser, on iPad as a discussion tool and on the company website.

Choosing web standards, which by definition are supported on all device platforms, allows us the greatest reach without duplication or additional cost.

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